Analyses situations in a comprehensive and impartial matterReflectivenessSupport learners in identifying and meeting their learning needs and overcoming any barriersUnderstanding and facilitating individual and group learning process


This is an app for a personal (professional) daily reflection that can help develop the competency to analyze situations in a comprehensive manner.

Why did I choose this tool? Reflectly is a very easy to use and also kind of a fun way to reflect on the day and on different topics about yourself, your work, people, values, behaviours, dreams, etc.

How does this apply to being a trainer? Being a trainer requires a lot of analysis of what is happening in the group, within the team and within you. Becoming more conscious of the processes helps you to improve as a trainer as well as your way of reacting in certain situations and using them for educational interventions rather than following the pre-set program blindly. Developing a habit of reflection contributes to personal well being and working efficiently in a group of trainers.

Main content: Reflectly is a journal utilizing artificial intelligence to help you structure and reflect upon your daily thoughts and problems. Making it a daily habit to reflect on the every-day experiences will add to both experiential learning and personal/professional development and will also contribute to the “practice what you preach” aspect of educators’ work.

Reflectly is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay, is free of charge (unless you want to go premium) and very easy to use.


How to apply it in everyday life: Reflectly as an app reminds us about itself everyday in the morning and in the evening. So the app itself also contributes to the development of reflectivity as a habit and a day-to-day practice which comes in handy in professional life. Start with taking 10 minutes every evening to look back at the day.


Author of the article: Justina Garbauskaitė-Jakimovska

Justina Garbauskaitė-Jakimovska is a freelance educator and researcher in the field of non-formal learning and youth who also works in the teacher training programmes at Vilnius University in Lithuania. Favourite topics are facilitation of learning, personal and professional development. Justina is also a member of the Pool European Youth Researchers, her research interests are non-formal learning process, how learners experience and make sense out of it, the professional development of youth workers and trainers in the youth field. All of this combined = evidence based practices + practice informed research.

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Editor: Donatas Petkauskas

is professional supervisor, coach and experiential learning trainer, having more than 15 years of experience in consulting various organizations and individuals, creating and conducting training course on national and international levels. Donatas has extensive experience in non-formal education, training of youth workers and trainers. He is working in the field of non-formal education since 2003, since 2004 he is a member of trainers pool of Lithuanian National Agency (currently an alumni).

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