The articles in the library are based on the materials that the trainers have acquired in their many years of experience. We are aware that these are not the only materials that exist, where we cover a only small percentage of selected resources, approaches and practices.

Therefore, we would like to set the way for the library to organically grow, to be relevant and impact the learning of the trainers and youth workers for the years to come.

We are going to start the talks about additional funding once this initial phase of the project is finished. We aim to open the library for other contributors, people from the trainers’ community, that can contribute with their valuable input.

We envision that every 6-12 months we will open a call for additional articles that will welcome different approaches and resources, different tools and methods of learning, a variety of sources of knowledge.

The next call for articles will be opened here, once we secure funding and initiate the next phase of the project.

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