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Life without learning

It’s an invitation for a final reflection.

Why did I choose this tool?

Once I compared a process of creativity with a process of learning, it came out that those two processes are not only similar, but are mainly the same. We can’t skip creativity just as much as we can’t skip learning. We can try to close our eyes and repeat the same words, thoughts and movements every time and still the context will force us to change and adapt. Life is movement, and movement requires change, change forces learning and creativity. There is no escape.

How does it apply to being a trainer? 

Trainer is a human being playing one of many social roles. Today he/she is a trainer, tomorrow maybe someone else. But what is sure, he/she will remain a learner.


Illustration by Dagna Gmitrowicz
Illustration by Dagna Gmitrowicz


Finish the sentences: 

  1. I am a learning trainer who works on a planet called ……….. 
  2. My source of inspiration for trainers’ work is …………. 
  3. When I sometimes feel learning difficulties, then I know that what blocks me is …..
  4. In the future I plan …

Reflection questions:

  •  What would your metaphor for life without learning be?

Author of the article: Dagna Gmitrowicz

Dagna Gmitrowicz – a senior trainer in the field of nonformal education, conducting international/national training and facilitating conferences since 2001. Creator of innovative educational tools and curriculum – Academy of Nonformal Education (PAJP), TOSCA training cycle, learning cycle in BECC Bridge to Cultural Centres, Colours and Needs cards, and many more. Member of several international trainers’ pools (It’s up to Me, TOSCA, European Solidarity Corp Polish NA pool and other). The member of the International Society for Self-Directed Learning after giving a lecture during SSDL Symposium 2020 in USA/Florida. Dagna Gmitrowicz is also a professional painter, and performer actively participating in a cultural scene in Germany and Poland, actively supporting cultural events and projects.
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Dagna Gmitrowicz

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