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Altered states of mind for better awareness

This article is an extract from an hour and a half master class with Vishen Lakhiani on “Altered States of Mind” where he presents the Silva Method. This article guides you through several techniques on training yourself to achieve waking consciousness in various altered states of your mind. This is important for increased awareness of trainers and it is one technique that can be practised if you are a fan of meditation and mind exploration - as a tool for self-awareness. In this article, you can learn about the 100-1 morning technique; The Mental Screen for Advanced Visualization; The Silva 3-scenes Technique.

We are more isolated and alone than ever in an unpredictable world. We can do only two things: thrive or survive. The mind is the most powerful tool that we have. Understanding better our mind and the different wave frequencies will make us more able to go in our desired direction. Accessing altered states of mind creates intuitive guidance, it removes blockers and if practiced correctly and consistently we can get access to guidance from a higher source – which happens in the Delta brain wave (Jose Silva and Vishen Lakhiani –

  1. Quick survey 

Before starting, take this quick survey and rate yourself from 1-10 on the following areas: 

  1. I have a developed crystal-clear intuition 
  2. I can multiply my manifestation power 
  3. I am happy with my career growth 
  4. I am able to boost my creativity 
  5. I am completely grounded 
  6. I have discovered & honor my Purpose 
  7. I am able to heal (recover) fast  
  8. I am able to achieve total self-awareness

Accessing different states of mind can help you get to 10 in all these areas. The ways you can access different states of mind are by neuro-training, breathwork, pharmacology (plant medicine), and meditation. 

The safest way to access these altered states of mind is meditation. This is confirmed by other authors and researchers like Daniel Goleman. In order to start understanding how we should know about the different brain wave frequencies. 

Brain wave frequencies

Different brain waves are associated with different states.  Brain waves are measured in Hertz (Hz) cycles per second and can change across a wide range of variables.  

Source of picture:

THE BETA LEVEL – default level of consciousness when you’re awake and alert.

THE ALPHA LEVEL – A calm and receptive state experienced during relaxation and light sleep. The optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.

THE THETA LEVEL – The state of meditation and deep sleep. Enables enhanced introspection, self-hypnosis, mind-body healing, and more.

THE DELTA LEVEL – The deepest state of unconsciousness and dreamless sleep

Steps to start practising the Silva method 

It is important to 1. Know the states 

  1. Practice to easily access Alpha brain wave 
  2. The Mental Screen
  3. Utilizing the power 3-scenes technique 

It is important to know that you are already in Alpha for the first 5 mins of your morning

  1. How do you train yourself to enter your Alpha state easily?

– the 40-day technique

When you wake up in the morning countdown slowly (to yourself, not out loud)

Day 1 to 10 countdown: 100 to 1

Day 11 to 20 countdown: 50 to 1

Day 21 to 30 countdown: 20 to 1

Day 31 to 40 countdown: 10 to 1 

When you come to 3, 2, 1… Then you are (almost) in Alpha state. 

When you get to 1 make a Mental Screen. 

  1. The Mental Screen

(Just for understanding what is Mental Screen): 

Close your eyes and imagine a TV in front of you, then glance for 20 degrees up (see image): then you are in Alpha brainwave. 

Image is taken from Vishan Lakhiani’s Master class on “Altered states of mind” 

  1. Utilizing your power 

– every day practice the countdown exercise

– using the mental screen for creating intention (using the 3-scenes technique) 

The 3 scenes Technique – the Silva Healing Method 

Scene 1: See and feel the pain. Feel the emotions and frustration.

Scene 2: See some symbolic or real action being taken to resolve the situation 

Scene 3: See and feel the end result 


Scene #1: present

– Feel the pain: pain creates motivation for change

– Take into account any changes since starting this process

Scene #2: Action

– Shows near future

– Take baby steps – this shows the universe intention (that you are committed to resolving)

– You don’t have to know exactly what to do. Just take action 

Scene #3: 

– Feel the joy

– See the situation fully resolved 

– See two or more people benefiting (kids going to the mountains) 

Reflection Questions

What is the most common pain you feel? (it may not be only physical). Why this pain? Where does it come from? 

Start practicing the 3-scenes Silva method to initiate and see real improvements.


The power of this technique is in this simplicity

This can be done in just 5 minutes a day.

Pick a goal and practice the 3 scenes technique. 

Scene #1: present

– Feel the pain, imagine it. Pain creates motivation for change

Scene 2: Action

– Imagine the near future (intention: improvement)

– Take baby steps – This shows the universe your intention (that you are committed to resolving)

– You don’t have to know exactly what to do. Just take action

Scene 3: 

– Feel the joy

– See the situation fully resolved 

– See two or more people benefiting from the improvement 

“When we forget to use visualization and imagination, it is like not using our minds” – Jose Silva

Antonio Jovanovski

Antonio Jovanovski has extensive experience of training and facilitating diverse groups all over Europe. His training and facilitating experience started during his AIESEC years ( where he served as President of AIESEC in N. Macedonia and France. Currently, he is a director of a youth environmental NGO ( where he works on the topics of climate change, youth eco-activism, greening of economy, greening of education and jobs. He is also a member of the Pool of trainers of Youth@Work partnership on employability and entrepreneurship (

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