• Identity Priorities

    Why did I choose this tool? I participated in a session in It’s Up to Me 5, run by Antonio Jovanovski, called Five Identities, which had us rank five of our identities in terms of the most important to the least important to us in the moment. I saw how much this exercise helped me and other people understand our…

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  • H assessment

    H assessment

    Why did I choose this tool? The ‘H’ Assessment is a simple self-monitoring and self-evaluation tool to explore the positive and negative reasons for your ability to create supportive relationships with learners and to suggest action ideas to improve it. How does this apply to being a trainer? Main content: ‘H’ assessment Time Needed: This activity can be undertaken individually…

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  • Why did I choose this tool? A movie is a powerful tool: “Who has not walked out of a movie theater feeling sad, scared, inspired, or otherwise moved? Movies can potentially open a person’s eyes to new solutions to any number of difficulties and may provide many therapeutic benefits in addition to entertainment. They might offer hope, provide role models,…

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