personal development

  • Introduction: As a follow-up of the article in this competence “The 6 Stages of Empathy” this article gives some ideas of how we can develop ourselves in each of the 6 stages, including: Emotion Contagion Empathic Accuracy Emotion Regulation Concern for Others Perspective Taking Perceptive Engagement It is recommended to first read the above-mentioned article which contains a more detailed…

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  • Empathy


    Why did I choose this tool? While there is plenty of information about how important empathy is in education, I believe it is important to connect it better with the need of the trainer to support learners in identifying their learning needs. Because of that, the part of active listening and observing seemed important to me. How does this apply…

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  • Authenticity


    Why did I choose this tool? Daring to share emotions and insights, honestly takes a lot of effort because you need to make peace with yourself, accept yourself for who you really are and accept the things that you’re thinking about. If we are willing to support learners in identifying their real learning needs, we need to encourage the realness…

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  • Why did I choose this tool? Who is completely satisfied with all parts of their personality? I know I’m not, at least not now, while I’m writing this. In the postmodern era, when people are highly conscious about themselves and the need to grow and develop, many people fail in doing it simply because they didn’t have the right knowledge…

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