• Introduction: Information and communication technologies (hereinafter ICT) and specifically E-learning are essential nowadays for several reasons, of political, sociological and economic order, and have marked a crossroads in the current learning and communication paradigms. E-learning is also part of this tendency. Content: ICT tools? What do we mean? According to UNESCO (2002), information and communication technology (ICT) may be regarded…

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  • Not only challenges but also opportunities in ICT

    Introduction: ICT and e-learning tools and techniques are not always very familiar or they can bring challenges for being integrated into a whole educational flow. The trainer should be able to identify those challenges, name them and preview a possibility or better a strategy to overcome them. Challenges sometimes are a good reason for not take into account the possibility…

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  • E-learning challenges and strategies

    Introduction: Few things are more frustrating than spending a lot of time and resources coming up with fantastic eLearning courses and modules only to find that people simply are utilizing them. How do you break through the resistance and motivate people to engage in the eLearning you know will help them reach higher levels of performance? Content: Here are some…

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