• Doing out of the box

    Introduction How many times have you been in a situation where you didn’t know what to do? How many times have you come to a dead-end and contemplated accepting reality? What made you stop or give up? Has it happened to you, while in a dead-end street, suddenly, a brilliant idea pops-up in your head? Or maybe an idea that…

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  • Making Observations and challenging your assumptions

    Introduction: Seek and you shall find. If we don’t seek we won’t find. It is that simple. If you think that the program is perfect and is a masterpiece, you will never observe anything that wouldn’t support that assumption. Here the criterion is “readiness”, which is being ready to observe the things that oppose your presumptions about the program and…

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  • Challenge me!

    Challenge me!

    Introduction: Generally speaking, people like to surround themselves with individuals or groups that have similar views and opinions. Life is easier if we don’t need to debate every point or decision that is required in our lives. This may be fine for certain aspects of life, but when it comes to leading an effective management team, this will usually result…

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  • Challenges ahead

    Challenges ahead

    Some years ago I visited Croatia and its beautiful Plitvice lakes. The tour of the region brought us to a lake, which was placed on an actual old mineshaft that now represented a beautiful turquoise lake. Near that lake, there was a steep cliff around 10-15 meters high from where the locals were diving in. The picturesque scenery, good mood…

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