Integrating learners’ the cosio-political backgrounds into educational programmes


  • The first part of the discussion answered the question “What is happening now?” WE HAVE LOST OUR STORY – Harari claims. He continuous: “People tend to think in stories. In the last 30-40 years we had a story that said that all we have to do is to just globalize the economy and liberate the politics and humanity will reach…

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  • Global issues awareness

    Introduction: Being aware of what is happening all over the globe is quite hard and sometimes exhausting emotionally and mentally. However, as a trainer to integrate socio-political elements in programs, there must be a limited amount of knowledge of most socio-political events relevant to the program, learners and/or the topic. It is a hard task, but one that is essential…

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  • Community: The Hidden Context for Learning

    Introduction: Community catalyzes deep learning and should be a critical consideration when planning physical and virtual learning spaces. Why we conduct education as we do is a puzzling question. How to do it better is a big challenge. For us, the idea that learning should be the primary purpose of education has been a beacon—we might all agree that learning…

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  • Storytelling: discovering and understanding more about the learners’ context

    Introduction: Stories get the results that other communications can’t. Effective story-telling is a tool that trainers and facilitators could use to better understand what there is behind the group of participants and how to involve them in a meaningful design of training. Content: There’s actually a biological reason why humans are so good at stories. No doubt you’ll have observed…

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