supportive relationship

  • H assessment

    H assessment

    Why did I choose this tool? The ‘H’ Assessment is a simple self-monitoring and self-evaluation tool to explore the positive and negative reasons for your ability to create supportive relationships with learners and to suggest action ideas to improve it. How does this apply to being a trainer? Main content: ‘H’ assessment Time Needed: This activity can be undertaken individually…

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  • Repetition

    Why did I choose this tool? We chose this creative tool as it helps you to practice to be more supportive and accept other ways of thinking. This is an entertaining exercise to practice. How does this apply to being a trainer? The exercise allows for the training of the “ego” of the trainer. This exercise is about letting go…

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  • Mirror of educational relationships

    “Relationship is the “medium” of learning. Relationships are made of interactions, based on verbal and non-verbal communication. There is no doubt that communication is namely the basis for creating and maintaining relationships. In general, it is not possible to make any stable contact with learner and its environment without the ability to interact.” – Andrea Mewaldt This method will help…

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