• Planning

    Planning can be defined as “thinking in advance what is to be done when it is to be done, how it is to be done and by whom it should be done”. In simple words we can say, planning bridges the gap between where we are standing today and where we want to reach. Planning involves setting objectives and deciding…

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  • Planning for Identities

    Why did I choose this tool? I believe that many of the identity issues can be predicted if we do our research on the people arriving to the project. Yes, there will be errors, but having an understanding of potential conflicts and misunderstandings can give us the preparation for dealing with the conflict when it arises. I have seen on…

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  • Creating intimate spaces

    Why did I choose this tool? While I normally talk about ways in which we can speak or behave to change the energy of a room, I chose this tool because it highlights how the physical environment can impact the dynamics of a group. By designing the physical space in which we’ll conduct the training, we can influence the types…

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