learning environment

  • Incomplete list of ideas how to use the environment

    Why did I choose this tool? If you want to use the environment creatively, you have to start somewhere. Considering myself a less creative person, I always need some examples of what can be done in order to get me going. This list is a starting point to get creative with the spaces. How does this apply to being a…

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  • Tips and tricks for preparing the working room and (not) including outdoors

    Why did I choose this tool? This tool is about creating a learning environment. Small things that should be taken into consideration. Small things that go unnoticed, but are crucial. How does this apply to being a trainer? Physical environment will affect working and learning of the group in one way or another. “Participants should be physically at ease, be…

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  • Questions to answer / things to search for at the venue

    Why did I choose this tool? These are the aspects of the venue that I “scan” before starting to work. Working in a training room can be very comfortable and it can be easy to control the stationery, flipchart, projector, chairs and tables for use. The aim of these questions is to start thinking outside of the box (training room)…

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