facilitation of learning

  • Addressing problematic behaviour

    Why did I choose this tool? I chose this tool as an alternative point of view, about how the difficult behaviour of participants could be approached, understood and handled. How does this apply to being a trainer? Maintaining a workable environment via a relationship with the participants of the course is beneficial for the atmosphere in the group that allows…

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  • Tips and tricks for preparing the working room and (not) including outdoors

    Why did I choose this tool? This tool is about creating a learning environment. Small things that should be taken into consideration. Small things that go unnoticed, but are crucial. How does this apply to being a trainer? Physical environment will affect working and learning of the group in one way or another. “Participants should be physically at ease, be…

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  • Roles and attitude of the group leader group-wise

    Why did I choose this tool? This is a very short and simple theory to become more aware of how you are positioning yourself in a group and the educational interventions that you are choosing in the training programme. Some of them may come intuitively while it is important to maintain awareness and targeted choices. When combined with Tuckman’s Group…

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