• Incomplete list of ideas how to use the environment

    Why did I choose this tool? If you want to use the environment creatively, you have to start somewhere. Considering myself a less creative person, I always need some examples of what can be done in order to get me going. This list is a starting point to get creative with the spaces. How does this apply to being a…

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  • First time in my life

    Why did I choose this tool? From our experience, we react differently to unpredicted situations. It depends on our previous experience with something similar, so if we had one, we will know how to react, or if we didn’t have that experience, we can choose different ways to react to the unpredicted situation. How does this apply to being a…

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  • Yes, and

    Yes, and

    Why did I choose this tool? We introduce briefly seven elements of the improvisation and invite you to try out those elements by practicing. This exercise is excellent at freeing up random associations in your mind. It jogs your mind and makes it aware of possibilities you may have not considered. I sometimes do this as I’m walking to the…

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  • Repetition

    Why did I choose this tool? We chose this creative tool as it helps you to practice to be more supportive and accept other ways of thinking. This is an entertaining exercise to practice. How does this apply to being a trainer? The exercise allows for the training of the “ego” of the trainer. This exercise is about letting go…

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  • Let’s brainstorm what we will make for lunch

    Why did I choose this tool? One of the authors started to work as a project manager in a business organization and as a new employee noticed that people would discuss issues in different meetings over a few days and couldn’t come up with solutions. When several methods were applied, the issue was solved fast and in different ways. This example…

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  • Try it on

    Try it on

    Why did I choose this tool? Skill to apply the method comes through experience, in this e-learning tool we encourage you to try out one of the method and broaden your awareness about each of the tool. How does this apply to being a trainer? It helps you to have your “box of methods” which encourages creativity, problem solving and…

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  • Creative theory

    Why did I choose this tool? In such a variety of tools, we (the authors) use the main techniques which we know will work. But in order to know the differences you should broaden your knowledge and here is a lot of material for e-learning about creativity methods, techniques and moreover some research that is interesting and valuable. This knowledge…

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  • Say yes – challenge

    When the definition comes to the explanation of “something new” it is quite difficult to create something new nowadays and it seems everything is been already created. We encourage our groups to think about things, actions, ideas they have never tried before. But, is it easy to think about the things you never thought about? We usually challenge them to…

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