Darko Mitevski


Darko Mitevski

Darko Mitevski has been an international trainer, project manager and youth worker since 2002. In his career, he has been a trainer for different kinds of NGOs and social enterprises, a lecturer at different universities, trainer for companies and consultant for development of organizations.


He has been leading the “Train the trainers – It’s up to me” which is going to have its 7th edition in 2020 and is the founder of the Trainers Library.


He is passionate about innovation, the development of young trainers and transfer of know-how.

Darko has created many manuals, tools, guides in a formal and non-formal education environment. He has experience in managing virtual multinational teams, leading a different kind of organizations, taking part in a variety of task forces and initiatives. He has an MBA degree and a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Overall responsible for the development of the organization, increasing organizational capacity and long term sustainability, project management and development of international project, organizational management and development, increasing the quality of Erasmus+ projects on European level, coaching and development of other NGOs in Europe, training and development of youth workers and trainers.

Overall responsible for the development of the social enterprise, growth and sustainability strategies, cooperation with other NGOs and social enterprises, cooperation with other institutions.

Overall responsible for development of the learning platform, coordination of all other trainers and partner organization, coordination of the visibility and dissemination strategies. Responsible for Cooperation in teams – articles development. Development of vision and long terms sustainability plan for the library.

Facilitation, training and agenda management more than 150 international conferences/seminars focused on leadership development, strategy development, project and organizational management, train the trainers, different soft skills, personal development, cultural diversity and understanding.

Different types of market, competition, product, target customer and customer satisfaction analysis in different industries for SMEs in the region of Balkans. Creation and implementation of growth and marketing strategies for SMEs, optimisation of processes and resources, foreign markets penetration and product entry strategies, business development plans and investment portfolios.

Strategic Management, Market Research, Organizational Behaviour and Leadership courses. Delivery of learning materials, preparation of case studies and best case practices, exams delivery and preparation, exercises, team buildings and outdoor days, study materials preparation, organization of research, externals and company visits.

Market research and fine tuning of the strategy according to the market position, new product development and positioning targeting niche market possibilities, proactive and tailored solutions according to client needs, processes evaluation and continuous improvement, increase of operations efficiency.

Managing regional project for telecommunication market analysis in different Balkan countries.


Creating long term trainings plans for current and new employees. Creating induction policies for new people that join the organization.

International conference for 300 AIESEC Presidents from more than 50 countries for soft skills and leadership development.

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Teaching and lecturing experience(English language)


MBA Degree in Management, American College Skopje, Macedonia 2008-2010

American College, Skopje, Macedonia 2006-2007

Economic Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005-2006

Economic Faculty Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia 2001-2004


Strategic Management, Project management, International Marketing, International Management, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, HR management, Organizational Behaviour, Operations Management.


Leadership development training for 2nd generation of leaders in companies – SEE Un.

Leadership development course– American College Skopje

Business strategy and policy course- American College Skopje

Organizational behaviour course – American College Skopje

Strategic Management course – University for Tourism and Management Skopje

Marker research – University for Tourism and Management Skopje

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