Reviews, examines and questions the identified policies in a critical manner

Reviews, examines and questions the identified policies in a critical manner, keeping in mind the context and objectives of the training course

  • While no single definition of conflict exists, most definitions involve the following factors: there are at least two independent groups, the groups perceive some incompatibility between themselves, and the groups interact with each other in some way. Two example definitions are: “process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party”, and…

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  • In this video, Yuval Noah Harari spoke with 350 young people in South London together with the comedian and presenter Russell Brand. In this first-ever Penguin Talk, Harari shared his thoughts on the future of humanity in an honest conversation with Brand and the young audience about the challenges facing the next generation (and how they might be overcome). He…

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  • Effective dialogue

    A skill that every trainer should possess, especially those leading significant change, is the ability to engage others in dialogue. The trainer who can create a safe space in which open, and honest communication is practiced, ultimately creates a cohesive group of increased trust, understanding, and shared meaning. An effective dialogue can be a pool of emotions, which can collectively…

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