Antonio Jovanvski


Antonio Jovanovski

Antonio is a trainer, activist and a social entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of a youth environmental NGO ( where he works on training and policy related to youth eco-activism, education for sustainable development, green economy and green jobs. Antonio is a senior trainer at a Train the trainers course in Germany (Its up to me) and a member of the Pool of trainers of Youth@Work partnership ( Antonio has been recognized as an expert for the “Civic Engagement” competence area and trainings on education and jobs for circular economy, greening youth workers and social-eco entrepreneurship.

Executive Director (2016-2020),
Founder and President (2010-2013), Board member (2013-2015)

Go Green. Environmental Youth NGO, (, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
01/02/2010 – current

Trainer on climate change, sustainability, circular economy, green youth workers, green jobs
• Mobilizing young people to participate in decision making processes on local and global level;
• Facilitator of a Governmental inter-institutional working group on “green jobs”
• Fundraising, project development, partnership building with relevant institutions and donors;
• Policy making and advocating for solidarity and joint climate action under the Berlin Process for WB


Trainer for Civic Engagement

NGO NaturKultur e.V., Germany (
Training for trainers “It’s up to me” and KA2 Project “Trainers Library:, funded by German Erasmus+ NA
01.02.2018 – 31.01.2020

Research, writing and development of tools and resources for trainers for practicing the competence
“Being Civically Engaged”, which is part of the European Trainers Competence Model.
The European Trainers Competence Model is developed by Salto-Youth Resource Centre (link)


Trainer for green economy and green jobs at Youth@Work Strategic Partnership

01.02.2019 – 31.01.2021

  • Facilitator on “Contact making seminar”, held in Birmingham, UK (2019)
  • Trainer on “Preparing young people for the green European labor market” at Santander, Spain (2020)
  • Facilitator on a study visit “Socio-eco entrepreneurship initiatives” at Tel Aviv, Israel (2020)
  • Trainer for a multi-stakeholder conference “Education and jobs for circular economy” (2021)
  • Trainer for a conference “Green digital innovations” (2021)


Project coordinator: Climate change education and waste water treatment on Technical faculties

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Skopje) and Wilfred Martens Center for European Studies (Brussels)

01.02.2016 – 01.12.2016

Coordination of the authors of two academic books “Climate change and renewable energy sources”
and “Waste water treatment systems”; Communication and advocacy with the Universities and the
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for upgrading the curriculum. Organization of international
conference (200+ participants) on “Climate change and green jobs – how should the education adapt?”


Intern (Network outreach team)

The Greens in the European Parliament (

15/02/2015 – 15/07/2015

• Communication with Eastern European “Green” members for the COP21 (UNFCCC);
• Coordination of campaign with the Federation of Young European Greens;
• “Green Employment report” of MEP Jean Lambert – assisted on compromise amendments;


Co-founder and Board member

National Youth Council of Macedonia
Umbrella organization consisted of 45 members (youth organizations)

01/06/2013 – 31/01/2015

Communication with the Youth Councils from other countries for stronger youth voice
• Coaching of the members (youth organizations) and consensus building
• Partnership building with Governmental institutions


President of the network

Let’s do it Macedonia, Association for clean up actions 

October 2011 – October 2014

Communication and coordination with the Global Network (
Fundraising and partnerships development with Government, Municipalities, and Companies
Campaigning and mobilization of volunteers across the country – on average around 2,500 volunteers
were joining the actions from 54 municipalities, and 240 schools;


President of AIESEC in Macedonia (‘06/’07) and President of AIESEC in France (‘07/’08)

AIESEC, global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

01/07/2006 – 30/06/2008

• Development and delivery of a Youth Leadership Program with an inter-cultural team;
• Funding and partnerships management (mostly corporations and state universities)
• Co-creation of a vision and common strategy including 200+ members in 17 offices

Master of Science in Environmental Economy and Sustainable Development
Master thesis: Green economy and green jobs in North Macedonia


Integrated Business Institute – Skopje, North Macedonia,


Bachelor of Science in Economy; department: Marketing

Faculty of Economics, University “St. Cyril and Methodius”-Skopje,

Senior trainer at “LEAD Academy”, USAID Civic Engagement Project, 2018 and 2019
Facilitator at “Recognition of Youth Work”, Bremen, Germany, May 2018
Skills: training, facilitation, social skills, networking, systems thinking, leadership

Greening the Economies – Transitioning to More Sustainable and Socially Just Societies May, 2020

The article reflects on the climate and environmental crisis and on the transition, we need to make to a more just, inclusive and environmentally sustainable societies. It reflects on the current economic model and its unsustainable mantra of growth. It looks at the energy transition and the progress towards circular economy, and the industries that are most likely to have the biggest job decline and the biggest job growth. link


Legislation pinpointing for youth work April, 2020

This paper is providing a reflection on the relevant policies and strategic documents related to youth work on EU level, as well as in specific countries. The  conclusions drawn from this research show the
key areas for interventions and policy development that institutions can take forward. It also serves as a basis for youth workers to organize a follow up advocacy and lobbying activities for improvement of their ecosystem (link).


Environmental education for the young, FES Magazine “Challenges” March, 2020

Author – article in the “Nie I zivotnata sredina” publication that gives a reflection about the future of the education and the labor market. It challenges the consumerist culture and growth aradigm. It also looks at the importance of education in times of digitalization and the possible manipulation and threats coming from surveillance capitalism system (link)


Live v Lice February 2020 October 2019

Columnist – wrote two pieces for “Lice v Lice” street magazine that helps the vulnerable groups. The
first piece was about the waste and the waste pickers and our proposal for their integration and
formalization in the system (link). The second piece was about the importance of reducing consumption and achieving personal well-being with less. (link)


Whitepaper on Youth Work September 2018

Co-author – This publication makes an overview of the European youth workers arena, their challenges and areas for improvement. It contained an open dialogue process with youth workers all over Europe, training and networking seminar “Recognition of youth work”, and a survey to assess the needs of youth workers. You can access it here link


Green jobs and young people in Republic of Macedonia, June 2018

Co-author – The publication gives an overview of the status of young people in the country and the
opportunities that occur in the green employment, specifically in the energy sector (renewable energy
and energy efficiency). You can find the publication on the link here.


Socio-economic aspects of climate change, November 2016

Chapter in a study book “Climate change and renewable energy sources” about the socio-economic
aspects of climate change (migration, poverty, ethics etc.). The study book is used in the Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering and Institute for Physics link


Opportunities for young people in times of climate change and energy transition, April 2015

Leading author – The publication gives an overview of the energy and climate policy of selected Western Balkan countries, as well as of the young people’s status and their opportunities for education and employment in times of climate change and energy transition. You can find it here link


Low Carbon Economy – High Business Potential, October 2013

Assistant author – The publication gives an overview of the industries that will lose jobs and industries
that will grow in demand for jobs, due to the energy transition. The publication is focused on the
renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, and the need for new education and skills set. The
publication makes an overview of the universities and faculties from Macedonia and Germany that
provide Bachelor and Master studies in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

English – excellent, French – good; Serbian/Croatian – excellent, Albanian – basic

Yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, biking, writing

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